Making Choices

Watch our YouTube video to find out why You Choose e-books are so innovative and how you can enjoy them yourself.

You Choose is a new concept in romantic fiction. If you have ever been frustrated by the choices the heroine makes in the stories you read, then You Choose Romance is for you.

A You Choose ebook is easy to read, but it is different from a traditional book, so we suggest you make sure you read the instructions at the beginning of the book, or watch this video. Just like normal e-books, as you read through each chapter, you can use the page forward function to move through the chapter. But unlike other e-books, when you get to the end of the chapter, you will be presented with two choices. It is important that at this point you DON'T use the page forward button. Instead choose one of the two options.

If you have a touch screen tablet, just touch the option of your choice. If you have a non touch reader, use the arrow keys to select the option, then click the OK key. This will take you to the next chapter and continue the story based on your choice.

Below these two options, you will also see a list of the choices you've made previously. If the story isn't going in a direction you like, you can select one of these options to go back and make a different choice.

At the end of the book, you'll find a special code you can use on the Macie's Choice website. There you will find a bonus epilogue based on your choices, an opening chapter from other books in the You Choose Romance series, and information on the choices other people made. We hope you enjoy reading a You Choose Romance book. We're sure you will because after all it was the story you chose! And remember you can always go back and choose again.